Tips 101: Some tips on running a successful ad campaign on Facebook

I have recently produced a 750% ROI for one of my clients through Facebook advertising and I wanted to share how I did it/ am still doing it:

1) Get to know your clients business, know their target customer and write a strategy ☑️

I have found this crucial for my clients advertising. We sat down and really went through his business thoroughly and what he wants to achieve. We then took this info away and sketched out his ideal customer and how we were going to reach them.

Finally, be sure to write a strategy before you begin their Facebook advertising. This will give them an idea of what you are trying to achieve and how it will benefit them.

2) When targeting cold traffic, do not be ultra specific ☑️

Even though you want to include certain specifics such as age, location, gender and interests, try to keep the audience relatively big. Doing this, you are attracting two types of customers: some that purchase on impulse and some who are generally interested and more inline with your target customer.

3) A/B testing ☑️

Before we chose which ad campaign we were going to focus on and pump money into, we ran A/B testing. Sure, this takes a little longer to get a high ROI, but it is 100% worth the initial wait and legwork, so you can work out what works for your ad and what doesn’t.

4) Start your budget low and increase on the ads that are working ☑️
When we were conducting A/B testing, we kept our budget low for each ad set to ensure we didn’t waste too much money. Once we had worked out what worked for us and what didn’t, we pumped more money into the more successful ads.

5) Run ads with manual placements ☑️

We chose to leave out Instagram placements. Why? Well when we were conducting our A/B testing, we found out that Instagram placements were not working for us. Choose your placements wisely, it will work out better in the long run!

6) Retarget! Retarget! Retarget! ☑️

First of all, before you start running any form of FB advertising, install your Facebook pixel. Secondly, make sure you target cold traffic, so that you are collecting data for your pixel.

This can take some time to work and get the amount of data you want, but give it time and the results will follow.

There you go, a few tips and tricks on how to make Facebook ads work for you.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact us or comment below and I will do my best to answer them!