Branding: Simple steps for your brand

Branding, very effective though tricky to get right!

As a marketer who focuses a lot on the digital hemisphere, I often get approached with such questions as; ‘can you develop me a logo for my brand?’, ‘I need a website, can you develop me one?”, ‘I need to build my brand using Facebook ads right?’.

In truth , these will all help with your brand. However, it is my job to explain what a brand is and what questions you should be thinking about to develop a brand. So here are a few tips and points to consider when building and developing your brand:

What is branding?

A brand is ultimately why one seller is different from another seller. What feeling does a company give you when you buy from them and most importantly, why do you buy from them? For example, why do some people prefer Pepsi over coke? The idea of Pepsi and their adverts is that anything is possible like in the ones below (I personally think Pepsi branding is the best out there and anyone who disagrees is lying ????):

Does anyone want help getting a job?

Do you suffer from burnout?

Points to consider:

  • What lifestyle are you trying to create?
  • What are your values?
  • What’s your purpose?
  • What’s your brand positioning statement?

Brand Identity

Brand identity is how you make people feel when they buy from you and why they should buy from you instead of your competitors.

Think Logo, think voice, think visual design!

Advertising and Communication

I have my brand positioning statement and I have figured out how I want my customers to feel when they buy from me.

I just have one more question: Where should I advertise? When considering advertising, consider where your target customers hangout. What is the best way to get your message across?

Products and packaging

This is simply the most important part of your business and one that should not be ignored.

However, what makes a bottle of water different to the one next to it and why is it a pound more expensive! Easy, they have built their brand and the packaging is second to none

Customer Service

Remember, people buy from people more than they do a brand. Don’t be afraid to communicate a bit of you!

Pricing strategy

How will you price yourselfs compared to your competitors? Why should customers pay more for your product? Are you pricing yourself at more of a premium brand?

Key point: Remember, a product can be worth £1. However, add your brand to it, and it can be worth £100 or even £1000! Need Marketing consultancy? Check out our services!